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Sheils E., O'Connor A., Schoefs F., Breysse D., (2012), ‘Investigation of the effect of the quality of inspection techniques on the optimal inspection interval for structures’, Structure and Infrastructure Engineering. 8(6), pp. 557 - 568. 

Quantitative data from inspections are necessary to determine the state of a deteriorating structure and to identify the optimal maintenance strategy for the remaining life of the structure. This article presents the development of a two-stage inspection based maintenance management framework, which provides the owner/manager of a structure with a decision tool to optimise the service life costs of a structure. The two stages of an inspection are considered here, detection of defects present and sizing of detected defects. Using this framework, the optimal inspection interval for this study, based on the minimisation of the service life costs, is determined and the effect of inspection quality of the two techniques is studied. By modelling the detection and sizing stage of an inspection separately, the optimum combination of techniques can be determined.


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