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Weininger-Vycudil A., Ciaran Hanley, Deix S., O’Connor A. and Pakrashi V., (2014), ‘Cross-Asset Management for Road Infrastructure Networks’, ICE Proceedings Transport.  168(5), pp. 442 - 456. 

Infrastructure managers of networks across the European Union have been challenged with the need to innovate the management frameworks they have in place in order to ensure the continued operation of their networks, under increasingly burdensome constraints. Limitation of resources and variations of interest or priority of different stakeholders of road infrastructure networks often lead to multiple considerations of intervention options. It is of interest to identify the best available intervention or investment option under a multi-criteria framework. Markers of performance may be varied, and the approach towards maintenance management may have different philosophies based on specific organisational structures of governance. This paper presents a methodology for cross-asset management that caters to different maintenance management systems without modification. Optimisation approaches and effective implementation methods are identified. Practical implementation guidelines of the developed framework are illustrated.


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