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Martinez-Pastor, B., Nogal, M., O’Connor, A., and Teixeira, R., (2021), ‘Transport Network Resilience: A Mapping and Sensitivity Analysis Strategy to Improve the Decision-Making Process During Extreme Weather Events’, International Journal of Critical Infrastructures. 17(4)

This paper aims to move forward in the understanding of resilience by improving the quality of available information during the decision-making process. A dynamic methodology together with a bounded travel time cost function is used to quantify the transport resilience, and an analysis of the main parameters is performed by a mapping of possible scenarios and a sensitivity analysis. Due to the complexity of the model, a recent methodology for the sensitivity analysis is presented, this approach is a bi-phase sensitivity analysis, whit a combination of a local and a global method. This allows an early detection of the parameters that will have a larger impact in the network performance when the hazard occurs, and together with the mapping strategy makes possible to select the best ways to increase the resilience of the transport network at any stages of the process, i.e. before during and after the damaging event.

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