PRECINCT – Preparedness and Resilience Enforcement for Critical Infrastructure Cascading Cyber-Physical Threats (2021 – 2023)

This is a major pan-European research project with 40 partners and a budget of €9.5 million. It focusses on connecting private and public critical infrastructure stakeholders to a common cyber-physical security management approach. This will deliver a protected territory for citizens and infrastructures, a ‘PRECINCT’ that can be replicated efficiently for a safer Europe. 

The role of RDS will be to develop a “Critical Infrastructure Resilience Index”, supporting the identification of short- and long-term measures to enhance resilience. This will build on the RDS Directors’ previous work in risk and resilience analysis, asset lifecycle performance optimization and Risk Assessment of Ageing Infrastructure (RESILENS, SAFE10T, InfraRisk, RE-GEN). 


CERCOM -  Circular Economy in Road COnstruction and Maintenance

CERCOM Logo.png

The CERCOM project was funded under the CEDR 2020 Transnational Road Research Programme under the topic of Resource Efficiency and the Circular Economy. RDS are the project coordinators, leading a consortium of SMEs and research institutions across the UK, Denmark and the Netherlands. The primary aim of the CERCOM project is to produce recommendations and tools to help CEDR National Road Administrations (NRAs) implement the principles of the circular economy into procurement practices.

As well as acting as project coordinator, RDS are leading the development and roadmap to implementation of a risk-based analysis tool to  to facilitate a step change in the adoption of Circular Economy principles in procurement and multi-lifecycle management by NRAs across Europe