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Risk Assessment

RDS specialise in risk assessment and in the development of strategies for optimal decision making of critical infrastructural elements/networks. Our approach focuses on risk identification, risk analysis and evaluation and on the determination of risk treatment/mitigation options with consideration of associated costs and benefits for the required remaining life. 

landslide caused by torrential rains occ
Resilience Assessment

Resilience assessment considers “the ability of a system to reduce the chances of a shock, to absorb a shock if it occurs (abrupt reduction of performance) and to recover quickly after a shock (re-establish normal performance)”.


It may be assessed and quantified at technical, organisational, social and economic levels. RDS specialise in the development of frameworks for the quantification of resilience for infrastructural elements and networks in extreme events. The advantage the RDS approach lies in its ability to determine optimal strategies to enhance the resilience of the considered system(s). 


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