Why Choose Us

Using the Latest Research to find Solutions to Practical Engineering Problems, we can help you to:

Save Money

We can help prioritise infrastructure which is most of risk, and which will give maximum return, enabling infrastructure managers to only spend money where necessary.

Reduce Risk And Enhance Resilience

We can perform risk and resilience assessments and identify ways to adapt infrastructure to increase resilience.

Extend Infrastructure Life

We have extensive expertise in performing infrastructure safety assessments using probabilistic methods and extending the service life of infrastructure where safe to do so.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Our experience in sustainability and carbon neutrality in transport can help you to reduce your carbon footprint.

About Us

Research Driven Solutions Limited (RDS) is an engineering research focused SME established in Ireland in 2016. RDS focuses on exploiting the commercialisable elements of critical infrastructure research.

RDS has extensive international experience in risk and resilience analysis of critical infrastructure, asset lifecycle performance optimisation, structural health monitoring, digital modelling, probabilistic safety assessment and engineering for extremes.

The Circular Economy is a central focus of RDS and we are currently leading a European consortium in developing a framework for National Road Authorities throughout Europe to facilitate adoption of Circular Economy practices through procurement of road construction / maintenance activities.

Our Services